Hamstring Testing System

The king of hamstring testing

The NordBord (patented) is a fast, easy, accurate and reliable system for monitoring hamstring strength and imbalance.

Combining advanced sensors, real-time data visualisation and cloud analytics, the NordBord is a comprehensive system for accurately quantifying and monitoring an athlete’s hamstring strength and imbalance.

The NordBord was invented by leading sports science researchers Dr. Tony Shield and Dr. David Opar, who went on to publish powerful findings from Australian Rules Football, Soccer and Rugby (among other) cohorts which would revolutionise how elite sporting organisations understand, manage and rehabilitate hamstring strain injuries.

Other leading researchers around the world continue to use the NordBord to measure, improve and understand hamstring strength and injury risk, allowing high-performance professionals to get more and more value from their NordBords over time as our collective knowledge base deepens.


NordBord (专利)是一个快速、便捷、准确且可靠的监测腘绳肌力量和平衡的系统。

NordBord 结合了先进的传感器、实时数据可视化和云分析技术,成为了一个全面的系统,可以精准量化和监测运动员的腘绳肌力量和平衡情况。

NordBord 是由顶尖的运动科学研究人员 Tony Shield 博士和 David Opar 博士发明的,他们研究澳式足球、足球和橄榄球(以及其他球类运动)运动员队列,从中有非常重大的发现,这些发现将彻底改变精英体育组织对腘绳肌拉伤的理解、管理和康复。

世界上其他顶尖的研究人员继续使用 NordBord 来测量、改善和了解腘绳肌的力量和受伤风险,随着时间的推移,我们对它的认识不断加深,高性能专家可以从 NordBords 获得越来越多的价值。

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