Wireless Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs

The next generation in blood flow restriction training

No cords, no complications

Don’t kid yourself. You already know what you’ve got to do. You wake up when you don’t want to. You push past the pain, even when it’s burning.

But to take the next step, it isn’t changing what you’re doing. Just changing how you do it.

Cut the cord on traditional Blood Flow Restriction training, with fully wireless arm and leg cuffs that automatically inflate to your personalised pressure zone.

Turn the pressure up, and unlock a cascade of physiological benefits, so you can get up on that leaderboard and push yourself to the absolute limit.

At the tip of your fingers, you can turn it down and review your progress, and then hype it up to keep progressing.

The secret to your future is hidden in your daily routine. Come on, you’ve already come this far. Let’s amplify those results.



别骗您自己。 您早就知道该怎么做了。 在您不想醒来的时候醒来。 您还是熬过去了,即使那很痛苦。

但是进入下一步,这并不能改变您要做什么。 只是改变您做事的方式。




通向未来的秘诀就隐藏在您的日常训练中。 加油,您已经走了这么远了。 期待您大放异彩。

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