Strength Testing System

Isometric strength testing and training across upper and lower body.

Measure and train strength in 35+ different positions and muscle groups.

The ForceFrame Strength Testing System is the world leader in isometric strength testing and training.

Used by health and performance professionals to assess and improve performance and rehabilitation, the union of the ForceFrame hardware and software ensures every assessment can be accurately and reliably measured, time after time.  The ForceFrame has been designed to visualise real-time isometric strength data, and track historic results, providing you with quick, actionable insights to support your decision-making.

The ForceFrame system captures accurate strength data for over 35 different configurations across the neck, knee, elbow, ankle, hip, and shoulder muscle groups. This includes bilateral and unilateral measurements in positions from supine to standing and anywhere in-between.

The fully rotational crossbar locks into 15-degree increments for quick and accurate protocol transitions, while the outer sensors laterally adjust to a variety of widths, and can be rotated 90 degrees to support further positions.

After testing, your results are instantly available as baselines to help create isometric training programs. Using simple drag-and-drop functionality, you can quickly plan future programs based on testing benchmarks from previous sessions with your athlete or patient, then let them take control of their training.

The ForceFrame app steps users through their isometric training program with an intuitive interface that provides queues for reps and rest periods, as well as configuration data for their next setup, and an instructional video for each protocol, so, they can be truly self-sufficient. The training program generates a target zone, based on a percentage of the user’s maximum or average voluntary contraction, which they must remain within as much as possible.

Users receive bio-feedback from the app in real-time, which displays a live force-time curve, left-to-right variance, and time-in-zone. All your data is centralised in VALD Hub, where you can view, export, manipulate and analyse your data, so you can adapt your future session with complete oversight.

  • 35 testing positions
  • Quick and simple protocol transitions
  • Personalised training program prescription

Introducing the ForceFrame Strength Testing system, from VALD.


可测量和训练超过 35 个不同部位和肌肉群的力量。

ForceFrame 力量测试系统在等距力量测试和训练行业处于世界领先水平。

健康和性能方面的专家可用该系统来评估和提高身体性能,也可用于康复训练,ForceFrame 硬件和软件的结合,可确保在重复使用过程中,每一次的评估结果都准确且可靠。 ForceFrame 可实时观察到等距力量数据,并追踪既往结果,为您提供快速且可行的建议,帮助您做出决策。

ForceFrame 系统可以捕获到颈部、膝盖、肘部、脚踝、臀部和肩部肌肉群中超过 35 个不同部位的精确的力量数据。 包括从仰卧位到站立位以及两者之间任何体位的双侧和单侧的测量值。

360° 转动横梁锁定在 15° 增量,这样可以进行快速而准确的过渡,而外部传感器可横向调整到各种宽度,并可以旋转 90°,以支持更远的位置。

测试结束后,您的测试结果即作为基线,帮助制定等距训练计划。 通过简单的拖放功能,您可以根据运动员或患者之前的测试基准快速制定出以后的训练计划,然后让他们自己把控训练进度。

ForceFrame 应用程序通过其直观的界面一步步引导使用者完成他们的等距训练计划,该界面可显示其排队等候和休息的时间,设置下一步的配置参数并提供每一步的教学视频,所以他们真的能自己独立完成。 训练计划会根据使用者的最大或平均随意收缩力矩来设定一个目标范围,他们必须尽可能地保持在这个范围内。

使用者可收到应用程序的实时生物反馈,包括实时的力量-时间曲线、从左到右的变化及处在目标范围内的时间。 您的所有数据都在 VALD Hub 集中管理,您可以从中查看、导出、操作和分析数据,因此,您可以通过完整监督您的训练情况,调整以后的计划。

  • 35 个测试部位
  • 快速且简单的步骤转换
  • 个性化康复训练计划处方

从 VALD 公司引进 ForceFrame 力量测试系统。

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