What we can offer you right now

China has a growing demand for high quality rehabilitation services. IRI is helping to meet that demand by boosting the supply of qualified allied health therapists.

We provide:

  • rehabilitation education
  • career development in regenerative medicine
  • clinical solutions
  • rehabilitation devices and aids.

IRI delivers best-practice rehabilitation training based on the Australia-US model. This model allows us to accelerate the improvement of professional skills of therapists. We help individuals and organisations expand their core competencies to improve the lives of people who have a diverse range of health needs.


中国对高质量康复服务的需求日益增长。 为满足这项需要,IRI 致力于增加供应符合资质的专职保健治疗师。


  • 康复教育
  • 再生医学的职业发展
  • 临床解决方案
  • 康复设备和辅助器具。

IRI 的授课方式基于澳美模式,提供康复培训的最佳实践。 此模式有助于快速提升治疗师的专业技能。 我们致力于帮助个人和组织拓展核心竞争力,改善具有不同健康需求的人群的生活。

Leading-edge training for the best possible rehabilitation.

Our advanced training programs are designed by our Faculty and Advisory Board. These professionals are leading surgeons, academics and researchers. All are front-runners in their chosen field of expertise.

They collaborate with local and international universities and professional associations to design training that imparts the skills and principles of best-practice rehabilitation.

Students undertake their training through online video instruction and live-streamed interactive video conferencing.

Training is readily available to therapist, medical professionals and students based in any country and in the English language and mandarin for learners in China. Hands-on clinical experience is also a component for students who can travel to Australia or the US for placement.


我们的进阶培训课程由 IRI 旗下的专业师资团队和咨询委员会量身打造。 这些专业人才均为顶尖的外科医生、学者和研究人员。 所有成员都是各自所选领域的领军人物。


学员以面授研讨会和讲习班相结合的方式进行培训。 我们还提供互动视频直播辅导。

可以用中英文学习的中国和任何国家的学员可随时参加培训学习。 作为培训的一个部分,学员还可以申请前往澳大利亚或美国亲身观摩,学习临床实践经验。

Education ideal for standing out in your medical field

Further education is also offered for medical students looking to expand their professional capacity.

IRI’s education programs serve students majoring in medical-related fields. From primary courses to our very advanced offerings, the courses that we provide at IRI are expertly designed to meet a wide range of requirements.

  • Continuing Medical Education
  • Continuing Professional Development

The certifications gained by members as well as the membership designations are all based on specific areas of rehabilitation and the level of knowledge and skill attained by individual members.



IRI 教育课程服务于医学相关专业的学生。 IRI 提供的一系列课程由专业人士量身打造,内容涵盖从入门到进阶,满足各类人士的广泛需求。

  • 继续医学教育
  • 持续专业发展


A full array of clinical solutions

At IRI we understand the clinical need because of our extensive experience in the field.

From newly established clinics to large city hospitals, we can provide you with a range of services and solutions for your clinical setting.

Our clinical solutions include:

  • certification and continuing medical education for doctors and therapists
  • English and Mandarin support for telehealth consultations
  • assessment and treatment advice from our internationally qualified master practitioners
  • informed advice on clinic design, infrastructure and technology
  • purchase and finance options for medical devices and clinical equipment
  • support in the international placement of staff.





  • 医生和治疗师的认证和继续医学教育
  • 远程医疗咨询(提供英语和普通话支持)
  • 国际级专家医师的评估和治疗意见
  • 就诊所的设计、基础设施和技术提供业内的明智建议
  • 医疗器械和临床设备的购买和金融选择
  • 为从业人员的国际深造提供支持。

Best rehabilitation devices in a fast-growing sector

We can train and advise you in the use of a range of devices whether you are a:

  • physiotherapist
  • exercise or occupational therapist
  • nurse
  • other allied health professional.

This field of rehabilitation is growing rapidly with the application of advanced artificial intelligence. The use of medical robotics, wearable devices and remote medical services is fast revolutionising the capability of rehabilitation practice.

Such devices can help people to improve their function, independence and overall rehabilitation from injury or illness. They invariably work more effectively than physical therapy alone.

You can talk to us at IRI about the most appropriate state-of-the-art device for your rehabilitation practice.



  • 物理治疗师
  • 运动或职业治疗师
  • 护士
  • 其他专职医护人员。

随着先进人工智能的应用,康复领域发展迅速。 医疗机器人、可穿戴设备和远程医疗服务正在迅速改变人们康复实践的能力。

这类设备有助于提高人体的机能、自立能力和伤病后的全面康复。 其效果往往比单独实施物理治疗更有效。

您可以通过 IRI 向我们咨询最适合您进行康复实践的最先进设备。