What we can offer you right now

China has a growing demand for high quality rehabilitation services. IRI is helping to meet that demand by boosting the supply of qualified allied health therapists.

We provide:

  • rehabilitation education
  • career development in regenerative medicine
  • clinical solutions
  • rehabilitation devices and aids.

IRI delivers best-practice rehabilitation training based on the Australia-US model. This model allows us to accelerate the improvement of professional skills of therapists. We help individuals and organisations expand their core competencies to improve the lives of people who have a diverse range of health needs.


中国对高质量康复服务的需求日益增长。 为满足这项需要,IRI 致力于增加供应符合资质的专职保健治疗师。


  • 康复教育
  • 再生医学的职业发展
  • 临床解决方案
  • 康复设备和辅助器具。

IRI 的授课方式基于澳美模式,提供康复培训的最佳实践。 此模式有助于快速提升治疗师的专业技能。 我们致力于帮助个人和组织拓展核心竞争力,改善具有不同健康需求的人群的生活。