Dual Force Plate System

Dual high-accuracy force platforms and seamless auto-analysis software.

Analyse balance, strength and movement strategies in a range of exercises and jumps.

The ForceDecks Dual Force Plate System analyses neuromuscular performance and provides real-time feedback on dynamic and isometric tests. Health and performance professionals use ForceDecks to monitor fatigue, injury risk and rehabilitation progress in their athletes and patients.

The game-changing aspect of ForceDecks is its movement auto-detection and one-click analysis, allowing for rapid collection of data, and facilitation of informed decisions in seconds.

Ballistic Test Types

With over fifteen autodetected movements – including Countermovement Jumps, Single Leg Jumps, Land And Hold Jump variations, and a wide range of other ballistic tests – the process of data collection has never been easier.

Jump Test Types

  • Countermovement Jump
  • Squat Jump
  • Drop Jump Single Leg Drop Jump Single Leg Jump Land and Hold
  • Single-Leg Land and Hold
  • Repeated Hop Test
  • Hop-and-Return

Isometric Test Types

ForceDecks also automatically detects and measures a number of isometric tests, including Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull, and Seated Isometric Calf Raise.
Additionally, ForceDecks can measure isometric shoulder strength and imbalance, and a number of other positions across upper and lower body muscle groups.

  • Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull
  • Isometric Squat
  • Shoulder I-Y-T
  • Posterior Chain
  • Custom Isometric Test

Tests are recorded and displayed in real-time with a live force-time curve, and with one click can be instantly analysed and broken down into key results or full reports.

This process builds upon world-leading research, allowing automatic detection of eccentric and concentric phases, point of max. RFD, take-off and landing point, peak landing force and many more, allowing you to visualise performance as it happens. For streamlined testing of multiple athletes, ForceDecks Jump can rapidly record test data for an entire squad.

The software is stripped down to highlight customisable key metrics and historic data in real-time, either with one set of plates successively or multiple plates simultaneously.

If you already have existing force plate hardware, the ForceDecks software is compatible with a wide range of third-party systems
One of ForceDecks’ greatest strengths is its hunger for innovation.

The ForceDecks software is setting the benchmark for real-time multi-repetition squat assessment, both for bodyweight and loaded squats. The Software detects and analyses rep-by-rep, while the athlete continues training as usual, allowing for seamless collection of detailed squat data.

ForceDecks is a fast, powerful and affordable force plate solution that finally puts lab-grade technology in the hands of all health and performance professionals.



ForceDecks 双重测力板系统可分析神经肌肉功能,并对动态和等距测试做出实时反馈。 健康和性能方面的专家运用 ForceDecks 监测运动员和患者的疲劳状况、受伤风险及康复进度。

ForceDecks 发生颠覆性变化的部分是其可以完成动作的自动检测和一键式分析,快速收集数据,并在几秒钟内给出明智的决策。


有超过 15 种自动检测的动作 — 包括反向跳跃、单腿跳跃、落地并保持跳跃姿势以及其他的弹震式测试 — 数据收集过程从未像现在这样便捷。


  • 反向跳跃
  • 深蹲跳
  • 落地 单腿跳 落地 单腿跳 跳着落地并站稳
  • 单腿落地并站稳
  • 重复单腿跳测试
  • 单腿跳折返


ForceDecks 还可自动检测和进行一些等距测试,包括等距大腿中部拉伸和坐式等距小腿抬起。

此外,ForceDecks 还可以测量等距的肩部力量和平衡情况,以及上半身和下半身肌肉群的许多其他部位。

  • 等距大腿中部拉伸
  • 等距深蹲跳
  • 肩部 I-Y-T
  • 后链
  • 自定义等距测试


这一过程建立在世界领先研究的基础上,可自动检测偏心和同心相位、最大点。 RFD,起飞和着陆点,峰值着陆力和更多,可随时将您的表现可视化。 为了简化对多名运动员的测试,ForceDecks 跳跃模式可快速记录整个队伍的测试数据。


如果您已经有了现成的测力板硬件,ForceDecks 软件可以与很多第三方系统兼容。

ForceDecks 最大的优势之一是其渴望创新。

ForceDecks 软件可为实时多次深蹲测试结果设置基准,包括自重和负重深蹲。 该软件可逐次进行测试和分析,在运动员日常训练时,该软件可以无缝连接地收集详细的深蹲数据。

ForceDecks 是一种快速、强大和经济实惠的测力板解决方案,最终将实验室级技术掌握在所有健康和性能专家手中。

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