You are welcome to study with fellow professionals

Our combined knowledge and experience at IRI will benefit your professional practice. We have the training and the connections to give your rehabilitation practice global reach.

Top of the range continuing professional development

We provide a range of continuing medical education or continuing professional development options for our members. Membership and certification is based on your specific areas of rehabilitation study, and the knowledge and skill attained.

  • Level 1: certification in knee rehabilitation (requires completed knowledge examination)


IRI 传授的综合知识和丰富经验对提升专业实践大有裨益。 我们拥有专业培训和丰富人脉资源,有助于为您提供全球范围的康复实践。


我们为成员提供一系列继续医学教育和持续专业发展选项。 成员资格和所获认证视康复研究的具体领域以及成员个人所达到的知识技能而定。

  • 1 级:膝关节康复认证(要求通过知识考试)