Movement Analysis System

Movement analysis, now made practical

Assess movement quality, range, balance and stability in over 20 common tests and exercises.

Use objective data to help your patients return to work, play and life faster and stronger, with the HumanTrak Movement Analysis System. Alongside assisting you to make better informed clinical decisions, objective data better engages patients to take ownership of their rehabilitation journey.

Founded on clinical research and externally validated, HumanTrak combines a 3D camera with movement sensors which together creates a dynamic 3D model of your patients. This deep understanding of their movement in 3D happens in real-time, so you can assess their movement and tailor a recovery program with clear and measurable objectives.

  • Automated reporting assists in tracking progress and demonstrating outcomes to your client.
  • Becoming pain-free is rarely the end of a successful rehabilitation yet so many patients stop seeking assistance once the pain subsides.
  • Educate your patients with objective data to show the benefit of completing rehabilitation beyond becoming pain-free.

HumanTrak’s AutoTrainer feature allows in-clinic training without the need for a clinician to supervise, increasing engagement and compliance. Build a tailored training program and have the client complete the program at their own pace in the clinic.


该系统有 20 多项常见测试和训练项目,以评估使用者的运动质量、范围、平衡和稳定性。

借助 HumanTrak 运动分析系统提供的客观数据,可以帮助您的患者更快、更强地恢复到正常的工作、娱乐和生活。 除了能帮助您做出更明智的临床决策外,这款系统还能通过其客观数据更好地引导患者掌握自己的康复进程。

HumanTrak 基于临床研究建立,并通过外部验证, 将 3D 摄像头与运动传感器相结合,为您的患者构建出动态 3D 模型。 这种对其 3D 运动进行的深层次分析是实时发生的,所以您可以评估患者的运动情况,并为他们量身定制一个目标清晰且便于测量的康复计划。

  • 自动报告有助于追踪进展并向客户展示成效。
  • 无痛感不是康复成功的目标,但很多患者在疼痛缓解后即终止康复训练。
  • 用客观的数据教育您的患者,告诉他们完成完整的康复训练的好处,而不仅仅是感到无痛。

HumanTrak功能的自训练装置允许在没有临床医生的监督下进行临床训练,提高了患者的参与度和依从性。 为客户量身定制一份康复训练计划,让他们在门诊按照自己的进度完成训练。

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