International Rehabilitation Therapy Following Hip Surgery

Patient recovering from hip surgery using the world's leading rehabilitation therapy

Where will this take me?

When you complete the course work and pass the knowledge assessment, you will receive a certificate from IRI.

You will then be entitled to use the title, “Certified International Rehabilitation Therapist” certified by the International Rehabilitation Institute (IRT).

Once you have earnt your certificate, you can then supply IRT with your photo image and full contact details, and IRT will then add you to the important ikangfu.org website. This website is where patients can learn what it means to be a Certified International Rehabilitation Therapist and it is the website where patients can find a qualified therapist in their city.

The certifications gained by members as well as the membership designations are all based on specific areas of rehabilitation and the level of knowledge and skill attained by individual members.


如果您已完成课程学习并通过知识评估,IRI 将向您颁发相应的认证证书。

您将被授予经国际康复学院 (IRT) 认证的“国际认证康复治疗师”头衔。

获得证书后,您可以向 IRT 提供个人照片和完整联系方式,之后 IRT 会将您添加至重要网站 ikangfu.org。 患者可以访问此网站了解“国际认证康复治疗师”的含义,也可以通过网站找到所在城市的认证治疗师。


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